Globe University-Sioux Falls Students Perform Random Acts of Kindness

Globe University-Sioux Falls’ spring quarter section of Anatomy and Physiology II didn’t just study the intricacies of the human body to improve their massage therapy and medical assistant knowledge. Dr. Ben Oien’s class also got a lesson in giving. This group of eight students, a mixture of massage therapy students and medical assistant students, took it upon themselves to exhibit an element essential to the Globe University mission: service learning.

Dr. Oien’s Anatomy and Physiology II class

Through a variety of fundraising efforts, this class raised over $600 for their Random Acts of Kindness day. In spite of the chaos of finals week, these students ventured off campus armed with games, gifts and toys for children in an effort to brighten the day and the lives of Sioux Falls community members, young and old.

A subsequent interview with several of the primary organizers of this effort, namely massage therapy student Nicole Krejci, revealed the magic behind their plan.

Who came up with the idea for these random acts of kindness?

Dr. Ben initially came up with the idea to do this. After the idea was proposed, though, the entire class brainstormed and bounced around ideas of what to do in order to come up with the money to fund the day.

Dr. Oien’s class painting the non-smoking bench

Why did you all decide to do this for the community?

We knew that the random acts would be a great thing to do because it is always good to help out others. Not only that, but it hopefully gets others to pass on the good word so then others might do the same.

How did you go about organizing it?

We basically just discussed it as a class and moved forward from there.

How did you raise the money to do this and how long did you plan the event?

We started discussing it as a class the very first week of the quarter. It took lots of fundraisers to raise the money. The fundraisers included bake sales, walking tacos for lunch and dinner, BBQs, Pie a Globe Staff or Faculty in the Face, and auctioning off pies to throw.

What was the most surprising piece of the fundraising part?

It was surprising just how well the various efforts worked. Lots of people contributed to the cause and it was great to see that.

Did you run in to any obstacles along the way?

Yes. Unfortunately, some people didn’t show up with the items they were supposed to, or sometimes we would run out of items altogether (a good problem to have because it means lots of people bought things). Having to get more food posed a challenge, and it was discouraging at times when people would ask what food was free.

Class presenting Good Sam activities director with donation items

What was the best part of this activity?

The best part was when my classmate Tammy and I went shopping to buy the items to give away. Also, it was neat to take the gifts to all the different places!

Who benefited from your Random Acts of Kindness?

First, Globe University-Sioux Falls students did. We put money in the snack machines, built and painted a non-smokers picnic table, bought a cake for the student lounge during finals week, and sports equipment for students to check out at the front desk. Outside Globe University, we donated $100 to the VA Hospital to buy lunches for the veterans; brought $180 worth of toys and games to Children’s Home Society; purchased $100 worth of games and activity books for Good Samaritan Retirement Home; and finally, our entire class went to lunch together, and we gave the waitress a $50 tip!

How did your class benefit?

It was wonderful that we all worked as a team and were able to come up with such great ideas.

Group shot at the VA

How can Globe University-Sioux Falls continue this in the future?

From my point of view, I would establish a group on campus to do this regularly.  They could have a president, treasurer, all the necessary roles for a successful committee.  Lastly, just assign a faculty member to help throughout the quarter.

It’s students like this who lead by example and take it upon themselves to make a difference in community that make Globe University-Sioux Falls such a special place to receive a well-rounded education.