Globe University – Sioux Falls Students Visit Cadaver Lab

Several Globe University – Sioux Falls faculty and students had an interesting outing yesterday afternoon; to the SDSU cadaver lab! That’s right; 3 faculty members accompanied 14 medical assisting students and 1 massage therapy student had the rare opportunity to tour and spend the afternoon at the lab on March 13th!

According to Mary Jakobsen, Program Chair for the Healthcare Management program and the chief organizer of the visit, (the lab) “…… it was opened as a lab in 1999, they have two cadavers at a time that are used to enhance the study and understanding of Anatomy. Aside from assisting their own Anatomy classes on the SDSU campus, they also open the lab up for tours. So far this year they have had approximately 1,000 students go through the lab…”

All in all, the visit was viewed as a “profound experience,” with the students coming back with fresh insights they just couldn’t have gotten any other way. When asked for her opinion, Ms. Jakobsen stated that “It was an incredible experience that I hope the students enjoyed as much as I did. It provides that next level of understanding for our students, it’s one thing to read about anatomy in a book but when you can see it and feel it, all of those concepts become real.”

Amy Zobel, another faculty member that accompanied the students commented “It was great to see all students interacting with the cadaver presentation. Some of the students started out just observing and were all participating by the end.”

All faculty members were so impressed with the outcome of the visit that they are already planning visits for upcoming quarters!