Globe University-Sioux Falls Welcomes Librarian David Bradford

A library is an essential part to any university, and Globe University-Sioux Falls is no exception. Our students have a variety of needs, from finding credible sources to learning APA and legal citations. A librarian can help students find the books and resources they need to be successful in a university setting and teach skills that can be translated to workplace environments.

Globe University-Sioux Falls Campus Librarian David Bradford

This quarter, Globe University-Sioux Falls welcomed its newest faculty member, librarian David Bradford. David joined our campus’s staff on July 28 and has been working hard to make updates to the library and getting to know our students and staff. David is eager to connect with students and assist them any way he can.

I grew up in Oregon, have moved way too many times, and last lived in the Twin Cities to earn my library science degree. Among my recreational interests are social dancing and bicycling.  lease stop by the library and say hi.

What brought you to Sioux Falls and our campus? 

I lived in Sioux Falls from 2009 to 2012 and still have many friends in town. I wanted to work in a library where I get to assist in the educational process, such as at Globe.

What interested you in a career in library science? 

I worked in libraries as an undergraduate. After many years working in high-tech manufacturing, then owning a business building and remodeling homes, I wanted to return to a career field I always enjoyed.

What have you enjoyed most about our campus so far? 

David assisting a student with APA citation on a research paper.

The people are friendly and helpful. In addition, the commute is less than 10 minutes, which is way less than you find in the Twin Cities!

What is your approach to helping students find the resources they need? 

There are many resources out there, and Globe has available a plethora of offline and, especially, online information. My goal is to show students how to find the right resources, so they can continue their research independently.

What aspects of the library are you most excited to improve? 

I will be changing many books from reference materials to general circulation items. By doing this, more materials will be available for longer checkout times.