Globe University Sioux Falls- What is it all about?

Globe University Sioux Falls has many resources and departments that sometimes it may get a little confusing on what department and where to go to answer your questions. With the start of Early Fall Quarter upon us, we thought a nice little refresher for everyone would be helpful, whether you are a returning student, new student, employee, or just looking for information.

Globe University Sioux Falls offers degrees in programs such as Business and Accounting, Health Sciences, and Legal Sciences. Within each program we have a variety of individuals to assist everyone.

Our admission department is there for students to offer assistance with looking into starting your education. Our admission department has five admission representatives along with our Director of Admission to assist individuals. The admissions department is your go to if you have questions about a certain program.

The next department is Financial Aid and Student Accounts. This department is everyone’s favorite right. We all love to talk money. Our Financial Aid department is made up three individuals. These individuals are there to assist with paying for school. Also if you have military questions, we have a guru on campus to assist you with military assistance.

Our Academic departments consist of Academic Services-Education and Academic Delivery. Academic Services-Education is here to assist with a variety of tasks. These individuals are here to support students academically and personally to be successful in school. They can help with anything from community resources, class registration, online classes, and are here to get to know our student body.

Academic Delivery consists of your faculty members. This department is here to assist with your educational needs. They teach the classes, provide the academic services (library, labs, etc.), advisement of academic progress, and champion the student’s success academically. These individuals have real world experience in the field in which they are teaching.

Globe University-Sioux Falls has a Career Services Department to assist students with a variety of tasks to help prepare students for career placement. This includes things such as resume writing, job searching, graduation, and career related questions to name a few