Harvard and Globe University: What They Have in Common & Why it Matters

Globe University, Harvard University

Charlie Buehler, Director of Admissions (left)

After I graduated with my degree from Harvard, my family and friends said, “You’ll get a job anywhere.”

That may have been the case, but I was more concerned with getting the job I wanted, not just any job.  I wanted a career.  I wanted to build something, try something new, and most of all, make a difference.  My time at Harvard led me down one path: a path of moral conscience, decisive action, and global thinking.  In me, Harvard produced someone who was community-minded and ready for a new, global economy and workforce.

Stop the press!  If I didn’t know any better, I’d say that sounds a lot like our mission here at Globe University. OK, you can say that I worded my last statement to clearly reference our mission, but, deep down I know that Globe and Harvard have more in common than that.  Let’s begin.

The greatest statement I heard at Harvard was: Preparing the few to serve the many.  Taking time to remember that through our experiences at school and in the classroom, we could develop ways to enhance

Globe University, Harvard University

Harvard Gate

the world around us.  That sure does sound like service and applied learning to me.  Harvard taught me to think outside the classroom walls–Globe makes that a reality.

I was encouraged to take stand, have an opinion, and to make a decision.  Isn’t that what we push our Globe University students to do from the moment they meet with Admissions?  We help them select a career path and expect them live up to that decision, adjust their life for it, and achieve that goal.

And last but not least, I was encouraged to think globally and make a difference.  Harvard encouraged us to consider the world as a whole and our impact. Globe takes it one step further and requires our students, staff and faculty to think that way.  We put them in situations that demand they not just consider it but also act on it.

So you may ask, “Why does this matter?”  Some would consider us “less of a school” than Harvard.  Have we been around for 375 years? No. Have we graduated a president? Not yet. Do we work hard to provide solid, quality education for our students, demand that they take action in their lives, and make them think of something more than themselves?  Without a doubt, we do that every day.

Globe University helps me live out those ideals I hold so dear from my time at Harvard, and more important, allows me to pass them on to our students.  Maybe my family was right; perhaps my Harvard degree would help me get just about any job.  I, however, look at it differently: that Harvard degree prepared me for the privilege to do this job every day.

By Charlie Buehler, Director of Admissions, Globe University-Sioux Falls