Here’s a Challenge: Love Yourself!

Globe University-Sioux Falls Challenges You to Get Healthy

It’s unavoidable. New Year’s Resolutions are formed and, though they are made with the best intentions, they are usually dropped faster than a 200-pound dumbbell.  Getting fit and eating healthier are among the most popular resolutions made. Here at Globe University-Sioux Falls, we are determined to transform those good intentions from “woulda, coulda, shoulda” into realistic and attainable goals.

Globe University, health challenge

Megan Rank, Academic Service Coordinator

From January 22-February 22, Globe-Sioux Falls will be participating in the “Love Yourself” challenge. Students, staff, and faculty are all encouraged to take part. The objective of the challenge is to motivate the campus to form healthy habits that will hopefully become healthy lifestyles.

The Love Yourself event coordinator, Megan Rank, explains, “I wanted to put together a challenge that would be fun and motivating for our students, staff, and faculty. Instead of focusing on weight loss or a number on a scale as a goal, I wanted to focus on how much we exercise each day and the daily things we can do to help take care of our bodies and love ourselves a little more.”

Globe University, health challenge

Megan Rank (right), Academic Services Coordinator and Ann Kolbrek, Director of Career Services

The rules of the challenge? Each day, participants will record their physical activities (such as shoveling snow, running, a Zumba fitness class, etc.) onto a chart, and each activity equals a number of miles. There is also a daily exercise, such as calf raises or bicycle crunches, that competitors can complete for bonus miles.

Weekly miles will be totaled, and the four people with the highest total at the end of the 5-week challenge will win prizes. (Anyone who participates is eligible for prizes, as well, just by getting involved.) Student participants will also achieve a stamp in their Passport, which is another great incentive to join this challenge.

Ready to get started? Don’t fret on the reasons why you can’t. Instead, come up with solutions on how to get active. Since busy lifestyles are usually the culprit with neglected goals, here is a website that provides tips on creative ways to get fit, including while at work. Advice ranges from parking farther away than usual to performing squats each time you take a bathroom break.

Well, what are you waiting for? Rack up the miles to a better lifestyle!

By Megan Bott, Administrative Assistant, Globe University-Sioux Falls