Job-Seekers: 5 Common Mistakes to Avoid

Job seekers We’ve all had it happen. We see an ad in the paper or online for our “dream job,” and we can’t wait to apply and nab the position.

In our haste, though, it is important to remember to avoid 5 common mistakes made among job- seekers when applying for a position.

  1. Submitting a Bland Resume: As I brought up in a previous blog, it is so important to captivate potential employers with a sharp and professional resume. Make it look clean-cut but also captivating. Be creative, but don’t over-clutter the paper with information. And always, always, always proofread it, as well as have someone else proofread it before you send it off.
  2. Dressing Poorly: If you’ve been fortunate enough to be contacted for an interview, why would you want to blow it with bad attire? Make sure you are wearing not only appropriate clothing (no jeans, no holes, no low-cut tops, etc.) but also that the clothes fit you well and make you look polished. Refer to Globe-Sioux Falls’ very own Dress for Success fashion show for tips.
  3. Stumbling Through the Interview: When an interviewer asks you a question with a negative connotation, such as, “What is an area where you would say you need improvement?”, you definitely don’t want to spout out a list of your worst qualities. Instead, spin the negativity in a positive way. Maybe say how you’re such a perfectionist that you can sometimes be your own worst critic. (If that’s not how you really are, find a compliment that suits you for a similar question).
  4. No Thank You: You want your interviewer to know that you truly want this job. Therefore, once the interview is over, wait a day and then thank that employer for their time. Be sure to mention specifics about the company in your note as well, such as: “I really liked hearing about the way your business benefits the community. I feel like I would be a great asset in continuing this success.” Thank you’s are also an opportunity to be creative. Some clever ways to show your appreciation could include: sending a cookie cake that reads “Thank You” or even dropping off a handwritten note would show that you care.
  5. No Follow-Through: Unless the employer has specified a time when you will be notified whether or not you got the job, it is important to stay on top of the situation. While you certainly don’t want to seem like you’re harassing, it is important to call back and ask the status of the position. Don’t let the employer think you’ve been lost along the wayside. You applied for the position because you want it. Don’t let yourself be forgotten.

If you have specific questions on these and other interview mistakes, or if you would just like some tips relating to this topic, please see our Director of Career Services, Ann Kolbrek. She is happy to help you.

~ Submitted by Megan Bott, Administrative Assistant