Leaders Reveal Their Secret Past: Guess Who!

Match the Globe University-Sioux Falls Leader with their Secret Stories

Have any of your ever done that team building exercise were you have a famous person on your back and you have to ask “yes” or “no” questions to figure out who it is?  Well, let’s see if our peeps can “Guess Who?” by matching these treasured secrets and stories with each one of the five Globe University-Sioux Falls leaders:

Can you figure out what member of the leadership team matches up with what story?

  • Melanie Schopp, Campus Director/Dean of Students
  • Charlie Buehler, Director of Admissions
  • Ann Kolbrek, Director of Career Services
  • Micah Hansen, Director of Financial Aid
  • Jay Meyers, Dean of Faculty

Best of Luck!

Leader 1: Most of my high school time was spent driving without a license.  This wasn’t a problem until the day that someone had blocked my car into a parking spot and I had to recruit half of the football team to help move it.  I got busted and about halfway through getting scolded, the principal (who was also filling in for the Driver’s Ed teacher that semester) suddenly realized I shouldn’t be driving to school. I later spent the rest of the semester parking a few blocks away and walking…I was banned from driving on school property!   

Leader 2: I spent two summers working for an entertainment company. My bosses were a hypnotist, a magician and a comedian. I spent my days working on their websites, promoting events and was a carnie for them on the weekends. I worked the spin art machine and the giant slide.  It was a great experience in customer service; I made great friends and traveled across the Midwest.

Leader 3: When I was in high school and later in college, I used to spend my summers away from home working a few jobs.  I worked at a drive-in movie theater called The Bay Drive.  In my final summer we expanded the drive-in to include a second screen.  The drive-in theater’s slogan is still one of my favorites, “The Bay Drive-In, Where the Movies Meet the Stars.”

Leader 4: I started downhill skiing at the age of 3 and grew up racing at Great Bear.  I have competed in Junior Olympics and placed first in over 100 ski races across the country.

Leader 5: I backpacked across the Isle Royale National Park.  The excursion is a 5 day/56 mile trek across an island in Lake Superior located above Northern Michigan.  The island itself is host to moose, wolves and a specific sub-species of island squirrel notorious for stealing food from unsuspecting hikers.  Yellowstone National Park boasts more visitors in one day than the island sees in a full year, but the island has the most repeat visitors than any other National Park.

Our leadership team revealed a number of secret identities.  I bet you didn’t know we have a “carnie”, a champion skier, a movie buff, a law breaker, and a …

Do you know what secret story ties with the Globe University-Sioux Falls leader? Include your guesses in the comments section below and watch for a post in a few days that reveals which Globe University leader matches up with each of these secret identities!

~ Submitted by Jay Meyers, Dean of Faculty