Making College Affordable – How to Save $12,000 on a Bachelor’s Degree

How can I afford college? How will we pay for our son/daughter to go to college? I want to go back to school, but I just can’t afford it.  These are all common things we hear from prospective students and parents as they explore their college options.  College is an investment—an investment in your future, your happiness and in your life, but it also has a cost and one that we want to make sure you can afford.

how to pay for college, Globe UniversityGlobe University-Sioux Falls is committed to making higher education affordable and accessible.  Over the last year, the university has been researching ways to lower the overall cost of attendance to our students.  We are excited to announce that beginning in our Early Fall 2013 quarter, which begins on July 15, 2013, we have three new initiatives rolling out to make attending Globe University-Sioux Falls even more affordable! 

  1. Students attending classes full-time (12 credits or more) will be extended a lower tuition price.  Student tuition will change from $460 per credit hour to $390 per credit hour.  This will save full-time students an average of 15% on tuition.  Research clearly demonstrates students attending full-time have a far better chance of graduating, take out less money in student loans, and earn their degrees quicker, and thereby move into careers and begin earning salaries earlier.  The cost savings become significant when coupled with all of the benefits of full-time attendance.
  2. As a university, we have committed to keeping course books around an average of $100.  We are integrating e-resources into our classrooms to further engage students and improve learning as well as reduce the cost of textbooks and fees associated with current course offerings. This gives students options for textbooks which will work for them and their learning styles.
  3. Our university has changed the way we present the financial aid award letter to students that helps them better understand that school is affordable and work to limit the out-of-pocket expenses while they are attending school.  The StA or Student Access Loan is being offered to students that are otherwise not eligible for private, alternative loans so they will have an opportunity to attend school. The terms of the loan are very favorable and also encourage students to graduate.  For students that are able to secure a co-signer, the interest rate of the loan is only 8%.  For students without a co-signer, the interest rate increases to 12%.  But the best news of all – after students graduate with Globe University, the interest goes away and the student is only responsible for paying the remaining balance of the loan principal.

We are grateful for the opportunity to present such great news to our communities about college affordability, but we are more excited by the possibilities it creates for student success.  All of these above changes have been made within our Globe University network of schools with student outcomes in mind.  The success of our students is our success as a university, and this demonstrates our commitment to them.   We are partners with our students and our community in education and are proud of the educational product we deliver and are excited to help students achieve their educational goals.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can afford college, contact us today.

By Melanie Schopp, Campus Director, Globe University-Sioux Falls