Meet Our Healthcare Management & M.M.A. Program Chair!

We all know people who wear a lot of different hats, and Mary Beth Jakobsen, our Healthcare Management and Medical Administrative Assistant Program Chair is no exception! In addition to being Program Chair, Ms. Jakobsen teaches Anatomy and Physiology here at Globe and is a Program Director for South Dakota Innovation Partners
Her academic credentials are impressive as well. She has a Bachelor’s degree from Cornell College in Mt. Vernon, Iowa, a Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies, and a Master of Public Health from Touro University in California. Mary Beth is also a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator.
She has a passion for mental health care and has spent 4 years in California working with adults and adolescents dealing with serious mental illnesses. Currently, she is the volunteer President of NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) Sioux Falls, where she is able to continue in her passion and desire to work with individuals living with mental health issues.
Ms. Jakobsen loves being Healthcare Management Program Chair, and sees one of her primary responsibilities as being a “mentor” to her students, and feels that she and her faculty, ”should be available to the students as a resource; that they should be able to guide them (the students) through their programs and into a fulfilling career field.”
When I asked her about what kind of advice she would give any student here at Globe University – Sioux Falls, she paused for a minute and said she would describe to students how “different and unique it is to be a student here at Globe University – Sioux Falls.” Ms. Jakobsen pointed out that an instructor at another university might know who you are, when you were in their class, but don’t necessarily have a vested interest in your overall success as a student. As she said, here at Globe – Sioux Falls, “Everyone is interested in your success. There is a dedicated set of instructors, administrators, and staff who really want the student to be successful. And there is a great deal of energy spent making sure there are qualified and energized instructors here to teach classes.”
I enjoyed my visit with Mary Beth, especially when I asked her about her hobbies. She is very “fit” looking, so finding out that she liked to run, bike, and swim really came as no surprise. But when she started talking about the jewelry she liked to create, and the furniture she liked to refinish, I realized, much to my surprise, that we shared a common interest! I’ll leave it to you all to figure out which one!
Ms. Theresa Dyer, one of her students, seemed to speak for everyone that I visited with, when she discussed Ms. Jakobsen’s skill and patience in explaining difficult concepts in class. She stuck with it until the student “got it.” She also appreciated the way she fostered dialogue and discussion in class, and felt that it “really made it easy to learn from one another.”
If you see her in the halls or the student lounge, and haven’t yet had the opportunity to meet her, go up and introduce yourself. I think you would like to meet her, and I know she would like to meet you! Mary Beth Jakobsen is a welcome and valued part of our Globe University – Sioux Falls Campus family.