Meet Our New Resident Veterinarian!

One of our newest faculty members, Dr. Ed Kreider recently joined our Globe University – Sioux Falls Campus family as the Resident Veterinarian. Dr. Kreider has been in practice for 21 years, and has a wide range of experience, working in clinics in Iowa and in South Dakota, as well as the Great Plains Zoo, here in Sioux Falls.
As Resident Veterinarian, Dr. Kreider takes his responsibilities very seriously. He feels that “it is my responsibility to aid in providing the students a quality education in veterinary technology, through my education and experience. I am also charged with helping to maintain academic standards and compliance. I will also be providing surgical services on patients in our care.”
That Dr. Kreider really likes being here as Resident Veterinarian was very evident from our conversation. He feels that the people here, both students and faculty are here because they want to be; they have a passion and an enthusiasm for all that they do, which he finds “energizing.” Being around the students and faculty here at Globe University – Sioux Falls helps him refocus each day on the good that he can do as a veterinarian and an instructor.
His advice to students would be that everyone here has been in your shoes. If things seem tough or even overwhelming, don’t hesitate to utilize the experiences (both academic and emotional) of those who have gone before you. They will be there to help you get through the material and the emotional strain of this tough academic endeavor.
Ms. Carmen Paulson, a veterinarian technician faculty member seems to speak for all member of the vet tech faculty when she says that she is delighted that someone with Dr. Kreider’s background and experience is available “just right around the corner.”
Something not everyone knows about Dr. Kreider is his passionate interest in history; he even calls himself “a history nut!” His interest in history really took off during a trip he and his mother made to Europe, where among other things, they visited World War II battlefields. After the trip, his interest simmered for a number of years, until he and his youngest son visited a hardware store that sold guns.
Now understand; Dr. Kreider views himself as a non-violent, peaceable kind of guy who isn’t even interested in hunting. That makes it even more interesting that the Russian infantry rifle that he saw there lit the flame of his history interest once again, and he now collects Second World War and Cold War military weapons! Does he fire them? No! His interest in them is as historical artifacts. He is very aware that these weapons probably once took a human life, and he vows that they will never take another life.