Meet Our Paralegal Program Chair!

Allow me to tell you a little bit about Ms. Renae Kruse, our Globe University – Sioux Falls campus Paralegal Program Chair. While many of the people that I have met throughout my life have been well-suited to their professions, Ms. Kruse leads the pack. Why? She is good at what she does, and is doing what she likes.
Let me give you some examples. First, someone in the legal profession has to be a good listener, be able to hold their own in an argument or a discussion, and manage multiple objectives at the same time. She’s an expert in all these areas. Ms. Kruse is the youngest of six kids, so as she says she “… developed her ‘arguing skills’ at a young age.” She’s married and has two young step children, which is simply more practice developing listening and discussion skills. As a family they have our own mini zoo for Shih Tzu dogs: Oakland, Raider, Raven, Onyx and “da boys” Ozwald and Rudy. As anyone who has a spouse, kids, one or more professions, and multiple pets can tell you, you quickly get to be an expert managing multiple objectives!
Ms. Kruze graduated from SDSU with degrees in math and political science. Later she graduated from USD School of Law in 1997. Renae took the Iowa Bar Exam and practiced in a private law firm in Rock Rapids, Iowa for two years. Ms. Kruse took and passed the South Dakota Bar Exam in 1998 and applied and was licensed in Minnesota, in 1999.
In 2000, Renae started working the Minnehaha County Public Defender’s Office. She was employed as an assistant public defender for about nine years. As a public defender, she handled mostly criminal defense cases for those defendants who were unable to hire their own. (“You have the right to remain silent, you have the right to an attorney, if you can’t afford one, one will be appointed to you”… that was her”) As a public defender, she also handled abuse and neglect cases, juvenile cases, involuntary commitment hearings, and appeals.
Ms. Kruse joined a law firm in Sioux Falls in 2009 and focused on general practice law. While there, she handled mostly retained criminal cases, court-appointed criminal cases, court-appointed abuse and neglect cases, and family law cases.
She currently owns her own law firm, Kruse Law Office, handling court-appointed cases, and is also on the board of directors of Restore; a nonprofit organization that provides peaceful solutions for those in conflict. Her firm mediates between victims (of crimes) and offenders.
I asked, Ms. Kruse what advice she might give a student who was having a difficult time. She said she would simply talk to them at first. Sometimes, just knowing that someone cares goes a long way to solving a problem. Eventually, she would try to make them laugh about something. Laughter always makes a person feel better even if the situation doesn’t change, it will allow you to look at it differently.
When I asked her, what would be the one thing not many people would know about her, it turns out that she has always been fascinated by the number 4! She told be that as a young child playing house, she pretended that she had 44 children(!) There were sextuplets, and octuplets in her pretend “family.” She wanted 44 kids because she loved the number 4, and still does; (the number 4 not the wanting of 44 kids…)
If you see her in the halls or the student lounge, and haven’t yet had the opportunity to meet her, go up and introduce yourself. I think you would like to meet her, and I know she would like to meet you! Ms. Renae Kruse is a valued part of our Globe University – Sioux Falls Campus family.