M&M’s Call Globe University Home

Globe University

Megan Bott (left), administrative assistant/enrollment coordinator, and Megan Rank, academic coordinator/online coordinator/student services coordinator

Back in the day, christening a child “Apple” or “Blue” just did not happen. Instead, there was an abundance of regular, popular monikers, and Megan Bott and Megan Rank were not immune to the Common Name Syndrome when both were born in the 80s. Presently, both also happen to work at Globe University-Sioux Falls.

You can blame it on their parents’ lack of creativity, but the fact remains that there are two Globe employees on the same campus with the same name. Having two Megans who assist students can definitely make things tricky, at times.

Therefore, whether you are a new or returning student to Globe-Sioux Falls this Winter Quarter, here is a helpful list with Megan Bott’s duties vs. Megan Rank’s expertise so you know who to contact and who is more than likely contacting you.

Megan Bott (605-977-0705):

Title: Administrative Assistant/Enrollment Coordinator (at front desk)

  • Assists with address/name changes
  • Is the contact for students when they are going to be absent
  • Conduit for students with teachers and departments
  • Maintains student store
  • Involved with student IDs, vending refunds, and lost and found
  • Writes for Globe-Sioux Falls’ blog, and creates Global Times

Megan Rank (605-323-3933):

Titles: Academic Coordinator/Online Coordinator/Student Services Coordinator

  • Assists with student scheduling/registration and program changes
  • Helps with book ordering
  • In charge of Passport Program
  • Plans student events
  • Follows up on student attendance
  • Contact for classroom or instructor concerns
  • Go-to for online learning questions
  • Editor of Globe University-Sioux Falls’ Facebook page

Hopefully, this list clears up any confusion you may have had about the two Megans at Globe-Sioux Falls, but don’t let the differences fool you, ether. There are some similarities to note (besides their amazing tricycle driving abilities–see photo–or their shared love of Vampire Dairies): Both are also here to help make your education and time at Globe University a success, so don’t hesitate to ask either of the Megans when you need assistance.

~submitted by Megan Bott, Administrative Assistant