More Great New Jobs

Remember when I talked to you about the O*NET Dictionary of Occupational Titles last week? Well hang onto your hats, because this week’s resource, the Enhanced Occupational Outlook Handbook (7th edition) makes that one sing! Both of these used together can be the first and second steps on your new career path, that can help you get that great new job with more money, and maybe, just maybe that new Porsche you’ve had your eye on.
This title provides in-depth information about 6,100 jobs. This, also, has a detailed and really easy to use index, but what is especially cool about the Enhanced Occupational Outlook Handbook are the two appendixes. The first of these is a listing and discussion of what it categorizes as “Tomorrow’s Jobs”, which gives an overview of trends and industries of the future. The second appendix lists jobs by “Personality Code”. Librarians, for instance, are listed as having “conventional personalities”. Hum-m-m-m I guess I’m the exception that makes the rule! Oh well. .
And last but not least, for each job you’ll find the numbers of people employed in the area, the annual earnings, the annual grown as well as the number of job openings. Especially as you are getting toward the end of your education, thinking about developing your resume and applying for that “:first big job”, come spend some time with this; you won’t be disappointed!
Are you amazed yet? Come give this title a look and a test drive; it’s on display in the library, and you’ll and find out why I never, ever loose at Trivial Pursuit!