New Library Resource: The Chicken Encyclopedia

 Written by Doug Murdock, Globe University-Sioux Falls campus librarian                        

Let’s start out today with a short quiz. What three things do “rumplessness”, “scaly leg”, and “broody poop” all have in common? If one of your guesses was that they are all things that make chickens crabby and disagreeable, you would get one right. If you thought they all sounded vagely disgusting, you would get two right. But what of the third thing?

Give up? No….???

You’re right! These conditions and several thousand other “things chicken” are discussed in our newest, latest, and greatest Reference Resource, the Chicken Encyclopedia! Truly anything and everything that anyone could possibly want to know about chickens is included in the 319 pages. Pictures and other illustratons are on every page, and also, if you think you are looking for something specific, it has a highly detailed and very useful index.

Now I wasn’t born on a farm, but several sets of in-laws have farm families, and I found this fascinating to read cover to cover. I found out what Dorkings are (not what you think), what breeds lay blue-green eggs, how to catch a chicken and even how to hypnotize a chicken! An age-old question was finally answered for me as well. As I listened to my mother-in-law talk about her chickes, she frequently referred to “dressing them”. Being a “city boy” I thought that was just putting on clothes and shoes. (I did wounder how they tied the laces, though).

Boy, was I surprised when I found out the real answer! While my eyes finally got back into their sockets, I still don’t thinlk I will ever eat chicken again!

If you’re a Vet Tech student or faculty and don’t know much about chickens, you’re really missing out on something that is very special. Come give this a test drive.