New Virtual Classroom Debuts at Globe University-Sioux Falls

Video Technology in Classroom at Globe University-Sioux Falls

Globe University-Sioux Falls is taking the next step in the virtual world. Room 211 is the campus’ first digital classroom, geared with video and audio technology. This allows students to attend an actual class that’s in another state.

“We’re excited about this launch,” said Globe University-Sioux Falls Campus Director, Dave Weems. “It allows students more flexibility with class schedules and courses.”

Currently, there are three classes using the video/audio streaming:
CJ211 – Investigation: Processes and Procedures
HM250 – Essentials of Health Care Management
LA235 – Contracts
Technology allows students to see and talk to the instructor in Rochester, Minnesota and the instructor and students in Rochester can see and chat with students in Sioux Falls.

“By utilizing this technology, we can  incorporate the ‘best of the best’ instructors into more campuses,” said Weems.

And there is good response from students.

“I like it,” said student Lori Dover. “I’ve done online classes since I started here. This (technology) makes it easier then teaching myself. I get to hear everybody’s perspective now, not just mine.”

Rochester and Sioux Falls are the only campuses currently using the technology. But Weems says you can expect to see more class options next quarter because he says, “the virtual classroom is here to stay.”