“No Shave November” Underway at Globe University-Sioux Falls

Ten people from Globe University-Sioux Falls have agreed to not shave the entire month of November. “No Shave November” is  good fun and for a good cause. Globe University is raising awarness for Youth homeless and raising food donations for the Sioux Falls Food Pantry.

Here is how it works:  Each we, a new picture is posted of the men and women not shaving. Take a look at our candidates and bring a canned good to vote.   The voting system will decide as a collective group to shave or not to shave at the end of the month

There will be two tubs in the student lounge, voting is with canned goods only. Point system is by weight, so if the no shave tub is heavier than the shave tub… all the participants can’t shave until the end of the quarter.  All participants can not trim, or shave their hair (both men and women)

At the end of the month we will award for three categories: length, fullness, and design. Design can be made with hair products ONLY. You could use beads, feathers, anything to make it fancy, color it.. whatever. Just as long as there is no trimming/shaving at all.  Anyone who does not go through the whole month, there will be a penalty of supplying 10 canned goods

Click here to see the weekly growth pictures on Facebook and vote today.  

ALSO-Thanks to Hot 104.7 for mentioning it on the morning show!