Reference Resources – Knowledge is Power! | Version 5

Great Jobs! Money! Vacations on the Beach! That New Truck You’ve Always Wanted!

There- do I have your attention?! The Reference Resource this week can be one step on your path to these and other goals. The O*NET Dictionary of Occupational Titles, has just been released in the 4th edition, and is highly detailed but very easy to use. The jobs it discusses are arranged by the Standard Occupational Classification system, which groups like jobs with like jobs. Also, it discusses 950 of these job categories, which covers every kind of occupation you could imagine, from grave digger to poet to veterinary technologist!
So how do you use this resource? First, when you look through the highly detailed Table of Contents, you’ll find there are 6 different ways to browse jobs. These include looking for jobs based on your interests, for jobs on the basis of the kinds of education and training required, and the “best” jobs in three categories.
Also, there is an alphabetical list of all jobs, and one of the most interesting, especially for our students, is by related military job field. Why is this cool? Well, if you’ve been in the military and just come back to school, you can check this out and find out what kinds of jobs your military training can help prepare you for! Come resume time, this can be very useful in describing your experience and “translating” this into real-world job experience.
And last but not least, for each job you’ll find the numbers of people employed in the area, the annual earnings, the annual grown as well as the number of job openings. Especially as you are getting toward the end of your education, thinking about developing your resume and applying for that “:first big job”, come spend some time with this; you won’t be disappointed!
Are you amazed yet? Come give this title a look and a test drive; it’s on display in the library, and you’ll and find out why I never, ever loose at Trivial Pursuit!