Reference Resources – Knowledge is Power!

I might be dating myself, but I wonder if anyone else remembers the Saturday-morning TV show whose theme-slogan was “Knowledge Is Power”? It usually flashed across the screen with Superman-like music and was done in large block caps with stars and other embellishments? That slogan is true, you know; knowledge IS power. It’s something that once you have; no one can ever take away!

So what’s one way that your friendly finds knowledge? Books, of course; especially books that do awesome things quietly- things you might not expect. There, now do I have your curiosity? Good! Because I’m going to tell you about one in particular that we just received here in the library.

Hoover’s Handbook of American Business” comes out each year and is an absolute plethora of really cool information on over 750 companies. You can a company history, information about a company’s financials going back several years, their locations, their products and services, as well as their competitors. What makes this especially nice is that it now has this information about privately held companies as well; information that is very, VERY hard to come by.

So what does this resource do quietly, really well? This is the best list-lovers companion of any other thing I have ever, ever seen. Here, you will find lists of the most profitable, the least profitable, the biggest, the smallest, the largest by total assets, and the largest by book value. And so on, and so on. How can they do this so inexpensively? The company that makes this and other print and electronic resources was founded by a rich Texan who was vexed that Good business information had to be so expensive.

It’s on display in the library. Come give this title a look, and find out one reason why I never, ever loose at Trivial Pursuit!