Knowledge is Power!

Close your eyes and picture this. It’s 5:40 p.m. you haven’t eaten since 2:00 because you’ve been working all afternoon on “vising” and revising and printing your paper that’s due at 6:00. The future of the world hinges on getting a good grade on THIS PAPER, and you’re not done. There’s a “factoid” that you know you’ve read or heard- somewhere- that will be the perfect end of an otherwise perfect paper.
Are you with me so far? You can’t remember it or find it anywhere; you don’t even remember exactly, precisely, what it said. What do you do? Tear your hair out in frustration? Not if you’re me, because there’s not that much left. Then you remember- The World Almanac and Book of Facts!
This is the single most amazing reference book that I have ever seen! It’s so amazing, that if I if I had to run a library with just one book in it, this would be the one. Why? I’ll tell you. First; it has been published every year since 1868; that’s right- 144 years! And it’s easy to use; it has a very detailed contents and an index. I’ve never not found what I’ve been looking for- ever!
So what kinds of information can you find? Exactly? Let me run through the list. You can find facts and statistics about the economy, business, and energy; also about crime, consumer information, as well as science and technology. You can also find information about the military, personalities, arts and the media, as well as U.S. government, history, cities, states, and populations. Information on sports, world history, and nations of the world are also included.
What are the keys to using this resource well? First and foremost, if it’s a fact or a statistic you’re after, assume it’s there. Even reassure yourself by looking in the very general table of contents. Then look in the amazing General Index.
Say, for instance, you want to find the current weight guidelines for adults. The contents will tell you that health vital statistics are included in the almanac. Forgetting what I said about then going to the highly detailed index, you leap into the book and find that health section is just huge. Then you recall what I said and go to the index. You’ll see that the index directs you to page 162 and three. Even with the detour you took, you find the information in 90 seconds tops!
Are you amazed yet? Come give this title a look and a test drive; it’s on display in the library, and you’ll and find out why I never, ever loose at Trivial Pursuit!