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Become a Flash Card Fanatic!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always found that if I have to memorize lots and lots of repetitive, and dare I say dull, information (think Russian vocabulary words) I like to make flash cards. With a set of good flash cards, a friend, a pizza and a whole night ahead of you, truly amazing things can be memorized! Now I can’t do anything about providing you the friend, the pizza, or the whole night, but up here in Library Land we have many, many different sets of flash cards.

For instance, we have four sets of anatomy and functional anatomy flash cards tat are of especial interest to med tech or vet tech students, and the merely curious. Each sets includes a truly impressive 200 to 300 cards each, and is so heavy you dare not drop it on your toe! With each set, the student can make customizable study sets that focus on areas of concer.
While using these cards you have access to online resources as well; at This site has additional study materials, large illustrations, and testing resources, as well.
In addition to resources for med tech students, we also have two sets of Saunders

Veterinary Terminology Flash Cards for vet tech students Each set contains a whopping 530 cards. As it says, with these sets you can “..quickly master the prefixes, suffixes and combining forms to build veterinary medical terms-plus common veterinary medical abbreviations”. In addition to these, we have a set of the Veterinary Board Exam Review Flash Cards. That cover large animals, small animals, avian & exotic, the “ologies”. And diagnostics. While these are more specialized, they, also are very thorough.
Remember the flash cards you used as a kid to memorize addition and multiplication? These aren’t anything like those. They are full color, informative, and actually interesting to use. Come on… they can be your secret weapon, and just might be the key to help you get through those pesky introduction classes.
Are you amazed yet? Come give this title a look and a test drive; it’s on display in the library, and you’ll and find out why I never, ever loose at Trivial Pursuit!