Saying Goodbye is the Hardest Part—Farewell to a Globe Gem

Transition and change is something that every organization goes through. Globe Universityis always looking to adjust and find new ways to better serve our students, staff and faculty. Sometimes, however, change is bittersweet. The Globe University-Sioux Falls campus knows this all too well. Two and a half years ago, we went through a major change: a new campus director arrived. Melanie Schopp walked into the Sioux Falls campus not fully knowing what to expect.  And sadly, soon we say farewell to Melanie as her family moves to warmer (hopefully) Kansas City.

Melanie recalls her first memories of coming to Globe-Sioux Falls, “It was just so different. Every campus is unique. I was entering into a new environment and that was really the first thing I remember.” As with any change in leadership, we remember the nervousness, the uncertainty and the excitement of it all. If Melanie was ever nervous, she never showed it at all.

During her time here, Melanie has accomplished some great things for our students, staff, and faculty. She has worked to develop a leadership team that sets high standards and expectations for their staff. She has always had the philosophy of having “the right people in the right positions” as the template for serving our students and community. She helped to spearhead a new high school admissions model which served as the foundation for some great organization-wide changes. She worked hard to help our students save time and money by pushing for a tiered tuition program that would make it more affordable for our students to take more credits and graduate earlier.

Melanie has worked hard to “tell our story” in the community and at other colleges and universities. Almost everywhere you turn on the Globe-Sioux Falls, you can see her mark. Her defining moment, according to her, was being able to look around and finally see the campus come together as a whole. From Admissions to the classroom, we all spoke the same language and had the same goal. Every decision that has ever been made by Melanie has always been anchored by the question: What is best for our students?

When asked what she will miss the most, she stated without reservation, “The people: students, staff, faculty, and the community. I’ll miss all the silly little things.”

She loves the true spirit of family that encompasses Globe. Melanie said she has always felt like a person and not just a number. She felt heard and her voice had impact. She knows the thought process and energy that goes into the decisions that are made and the genuine concern for the well-being of our entire Globe family.

Leadership team at Globe University-Sioux Falls

So what are the plans for the future? The Schopp family is moving to Kansas City so Melanie’s husband, Aaron, can pursue his dream job!  Melanie said she had never planned on being a stay-at-home mom, so it makes her nervous. But she is looking forward to being able to focus on her family. We all know, however, that just means her son will have to endure lengthy Monday morning meetings with equally lengthy email recaps!

She is not sure anything will settle in right away since she will be focused on the move, but she certainly thinks there will be a disconnect from technology for a while. As for the Sioux Falls campus and Globe as a whole, Melanie hopes the future holds a celebration of the successful achievement of our campus and organizational goals. She knows first-hand how passionate everyone is that developed those goals. She sees Globe-Sioux Falls as a hidden gem in the Sioux Falls community and cannot wait for us to be truly discovered.

So as this chapter of Globe-Sioux Falls closes and as we all await the arrival of our new Campus Director, it is with a very heavy heart that we say farewell to someone who has impacted us all so greatly. I personally would not be where I am without the support of Melanie, and I know I do not speak alone when I say that although she will be missed for her leadership and energy, we will most certainly feel a greater loss of an amazing friend and person. No farewell would ever fully express how we feel…so instead, we will use Melanie’s most infamous phrase, “DANCE PARTY WOOT WOOT!” Be safe and the best of luck to you and your family!

Written by Charlie Buehler, Director of Admissions