Senior Day Provides Hands-on Activities

A little bit of winter weather did not stop GU-Sioux Falls from hosting Senior Day Open House Winter 2012. Although the day started out with some snow and colder temperatures, the atmosphere on campus was very different. Faculty and staff were ready with activities to showcase our programs for potential students and their families.

The day started with a gathering session for faculty and staff of GU- Sioux Falls complete with Charlie Buehler, Admissions Consultant, mastering cartwheels. After this session there was the scholarship testing for students who wished to partake, this was the Directors Scholarship Test. While potential students were testing, their parents were involved with an informational session about financial aid.
After the test was complete, everyone was provided tours of the campus which included stops within each department completing hands-on activities. These activities involved paraffin wax, business brainteasers, blood typing, animal eyes and brains, informational activities and more. Lunch was also available; soup on a cold day is always tasty. We can’t forget that $7000 in scholarship money was awarded.