Sioux Falls Campus Host Area High School Students for Vet Tech Day 2012!

In order to expose area High School students to the possibility of a career in Veterinary Technology, the Sioux Falls Campus Admissions Team and Vet Tech Program partnered to host the largest open house ever held on our campus on June 13th!

Self-named “Vet Tech Day 2012”, according to Charlie Buehler, Sioux Falls campus Admission Consultant and one of the primary organizers of the event, was a successful collaboration between staff, faculty, and students. He noted, “We had 46 students along with 3 teachers from 4 different schools attend the event. These included 11 Seniors, 33 Juniors, as well as 2 Sophomores.”

Current vet tech students and faculty shared information about the different classes offered in the program, and demonstrated the skill sets that each vet tech student was learning. The teachers accompanying the students were especially impressed, with one commenting that “…his high school students left with a real appreciation of what “a day in the life of a vet tech student and a veterinary technologist would be like”.

Buehler also asked the students to rate their experience on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest, and “…31 rated us at 5, 11 rated us at 4, and 3 rated us at 3. And 1 brave student rated us as a 6.”

Globe University-Sioux Falls is also hosting a Legal Day and Mock Trial on April 13th for area high school students.