Snakes, Butterflies, and Face Painting Galore

Saturday January 7, 2012 brought an interesting experience for some of those individuals from Globe University Sioux Falls. The 19th MEB Army Christmas party was held and Globe University was in attendance to assist with face painting for 40 plus children.

This was a great event for our campus to be involved with; however the three individuals that attended from Globe University Sioux Falls may not have a future in face painting. The children were very creative with the designs they desired. Children from 2 to 13 years old had some high hopes. There were request for full face camouflage, lions, lizards, snakes stretching from ear to ear, butterflies, hand and arm paintings, and glitter.

Although the future careers in face painting is not apparent the children enjoyed their time getting their face painted, and the individuals in attendance were able to provide a fun environment for these families. The event was a great success and a nice way for Globe University to support our Military families.