Student Appreciation Day Provides Great Entertainment

Student Appreciation Day has long been a tradition at GU-Sioux Falls. May 2 was no different. This quarter student appreciation day had great weather which worked nicely with the theme, Cinco de Mayo. Students were offered walking tacos with all the fixings, watermelon and lemonade.

Food is always a nice treat but the highlight of the day was the Bungee Run. What looked like a blow-up play pit proved to be quite a challenge. The goal of the bungee run was to have two individuals race each other to see who could place their block the farthest from the starting point.

We had several students, faculty, and staff step up to the challenge so declaring one winner wasn’t easy. However after several rounds, competitions, and challenges, the overall winner would have to be declared Amanda Thole. Amanda put in a great deal of effort and remained victorious. Overall the day turned out to be a great day. Check out all the photos and videos on Globe University’s Sioux Falls’ Facebook page.