The Psychology of ‘We Care’ and a Fun Fact about Amelia Earhart

This week I had the opportunity to visit with one of my favorite general education faculty members, Nancy Burt. Nancy has an MA in Counseling, and teaches Interpersonal Relations and Psychology here at Globe University-Sioux Falls. She double majored, actually; she also has a BA in psychology and art.

Globe University Sioux FallsI was interested in what prompted or influenced Nancy to become a teacher, and her answer was interesting. She always knew she wanted to teach– something. There wasn’t a book, or a person, or an event that helped her decide; she just wanted to be, she said, in a “helping profession; doing something that would help make people’s lives better.”  This pattern was very easy to detect as I heard her talk about her professional life so far.

Early in her education she decided she wanted to start her professional career by being a high school guidance counselor, but her career, so far, has encompassed a wide range of experience.

Nancy has been the director of a juvenile residential treatment program, she’s also been the director of a GED program and an alternative high school, and she’s been the director of a regional sexual assault center. In addition, she worked for over 10 years as a career counselor and taught psychology courses at a branch campus of the University of Minnesota.

Nancy has also taught high school psychology for seven years, and has worked for over 10 years as a corporate trainer. She even taught art to elementary school students!

To hear her talk with such passion about her professional life was really inspiring, but I soon changed the subject. I told her I wanted to know a little about what she did in her “down” time. Nancy’s “short list” of interests and hobbies outside of work include camping, playing piano, refinishing furniture, reading and sewing.

Then, a smile came to her face and she told me about her famous ancestor. I sure didn’t know this, and I don’t think many other people realize that Nancy is related to Amelia Earhart!
Her maiden name is Nancy Earhart, and she’s Amelias’“2nd cousin three times removed”.

Nancy stays busy with her family as well. Her husband shares her interest in reading and camping. Her son, who is a former marine, is recently married, and works in sales in the Twin Cities.  And her daughter works full time in social services in Sioux Falls and has just been accepted at UND to complete the MSW program.

I knew from previous visits how much Nancy enjoys teaching at Globe-Sioux Falls. As our visit was coming to an end, I asked Nancy a simple question: why exactly she liked teaching at Globe. Her answer was surprisingly simple. She likes Globe’s We Care philosophy. Students can come here and have maybe a second or third chance to finish their education, with the help of wonderful, caring people who help our students succeed!

~submitted by Doug Murdock, Globe University-Sioux Falls Campus Librarian