Time 2 Shine Student’s Progress Thanks to Globe Donation

Things are looking a litter brighter for some area families. The Globe University Optimist Club made a major donation and is changing children’s lives at the “Time 2 Shine” school in Sioux Falls.

Globe University Optimist Club Hands Check to Time 2 Shine

“Time 2 Shine” provides intensive occupational and speech therapy to children ages 2-5 with autism or other developmental disabilities.

“We like to say we are working to make kids lovers of people,” said co-owner and therapist, Julie Klusmann.

The Globe University Optimist club raised enough money to help sponsor some special kids, helping them afford the Time 2 Shine program.

“There are folks that fall below the level to afford this program,” said co-owner and therapist Paul Graumann. “And now thanks to Globe University, these kids can participate.

One of those special kids is Jacob. He and his family are so thankful to Globe University’s sponsorship.

Globe University Sponsored Time 2 Shine Child, Jacob

“Since Jacob started Time 2 Shine, he has started socializing with everyone he meets,” said Jacob’s mom, Nicole. “Our family is very thankful for all the things everyone does for Jacob. Time 2 Shine is a Godsend!”