Tracey Nester: What It Means to Be Essential

Essential Piece

Tracey Nester (bottom) and Sydney Siemonsma are Essential Pieces of the Globe University-Sioux Falls community.

Has someone gone above and beyond expectations for you? The “Essential Piece Award” is made to recognize faculty, staff and students at Globe University-Sioux Falls for going above and beyond, and for being exactly as the title says—an essential piece of the Globe community.

The Essential Piece is someone who is an advocate for the campus and champion at fostering relationships between students, faculty and staff. Students can nominate faculty, staff members or fellow students, and faculty can nominate students. We select one student and one faculty or staff member each quarter. The vote enables us to recognize their contributions to making a stronger, more unified community here at Globe University-Sioux Falls. This past quarter we selected two shining stars on our campus: Sydney Siemonsma, a student in the medical assistant program, and one of our administrative assistants, Tracey Nester. I recently sat down with Tracey to learn more about her, so read on!

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what led you here to Globe University?

I come from a family of seven and currently have a family of four of my own. I have a 6-year-old daughter, Mattilynn, an 18-month-old son, Oliver, and a husband who was

Tracey, Telly, Mattilynn, & Oliver

named after the wonderful Telly Savalas. With my completed business degree, I knew I wanted to work for a business that is specifically family owned. I found out about the open evening position at Globe in the paper I read every weekend morning. I decided to research Globe University to find out more about the background of the company.

What is your role and why is it important? 

My role here at Globe University is to be the best possible liaison between students, faculty and staff. I am the front face of Globe University during the evening to every individual that makes the step through our doors. It is important to have someone who can communicate with people throughout the facility to make sure everything flows smoothly. That person needs to be approachable, friendly and positive.

What do you like most about your job and Globe University?

I love the atmosphere here! My co-workers are the absolute best on the planet and there’s nothing more important than that in a job. The students have a huge impact also; I enjoy working directly with them on a daily basis.

What inspires you?

My inspiration in life is LIFE! Living today, not just for tomorrow. I am fueled by positive energy and nature. My family is my mobile unit and a majority of the time I get to drive it wherever I want it to go.

What accomplishment are you most proud of?

I live day to day, so I would say right now it would be the Essential Piece award. I have been rewarded with an outstanding and beautiful family, that by far is the best feeling I have experienced.

What does being an Essential Piece mean to you?  

It means I hold an integral part of the Globe University-Sioux Falls community. I feel valued and that provides me with self-esteem as well as the motivation to do the best job I can every day.

What does customer service mean to you?

Customer service is essential to any aspect that involves working with other people. It is the base for recruiting and retaining. It is how people and companies build personal relationships that help them prosper.

What do your family and friends think about your job and the award?

It was a hit! Everyone is very proud of me, they even threw a special celebration!

Tell our readers something unique about yourself that only close family and friends would know.

I am on a mission to become a master gardener—on top of being an awesome administrative assistant, of course. I am also an entrepreneur for life. I currently own two personal businesses and my husband also owns one himself. I own my own cleaning business and I am also what I like to call a “fashionista.” I have been sewing clothes and creating fun accessories since I was a teenager. I am currently celebrating my 10-year anniversary of selling them through my business online and at music and art festivals.

We really appreciate Tracey’s lighthearted, caring approach to working with the students. Here are some of the positive things Tracey’s coworkers have said about her:

Campus Director Melanie Schopp: “Tracey is always a friendly face and creates an atmosphere that is welcoming and supportive to all of our students, staff, faculty and guests.”  

Dr. Ed Kreider: “I think she’s physically incapable of anything but a smile.” 

Ann Kolbrek, Director of Career Services: “Tracey is an essential piece to this campus because her face is usually the first one students, staff, guests, and visitors see when they come through the door.  She does a wonderful job of being that great warm welcome to our campus!  For me, as a department of one, she is also a vital asset to helping with projects and taking some of the load and burden off of my shoulders so I can focus on students, grads, and employers!  She is basically just a kind person to have around the office!”

Tracey is always willing to help students, staff, and faculty. She has a personality that makes anyone who visits feel at home and she is always smiling! Everyone agrees, so it’s easy to see why she is an Essential Piece. Congrats, Tracey!