Alumni Network: Your Best Untapped Job Search Resource

One of the many benefits of attending a college or a university is access to its alumni for career-related purposes. To best utilize this resource, it is important to understand how to identify and contact appropriate alumni and to know what to ask them. Alumni can be great resources because they are working in the field you desire to be working in, and they have made professional connections that they could possibly introduce you to.

alumni alliance

Graduates, alumni, faculty and staff join together to network

Since networking is about making contacts and building relationships, it is easiest to start networking with individuals that you know or with people with whom you have an existing connection. Alumni are not just going to hand you a job because of the Globe University connection, but some alumni may feel a strong enough connection to you that they would be willing to speak with you and help with providing information. This will allow you to begin building relationships in your industry of choice, ask for new contacts, and gather information and tips about the industry.

Alumni Heidi Reed (medical assistant) networking with September 2014 graduate Becky Smith (veterinary technology)

Globe University-Madison West has an Alumni Alliance that encourages alumni and the upcoming graduating class to come together, mingle and learn from each other. The goal of the Alumni Alliance is to enable you to easily make contacts for future use and to see how alumni were able to break into their career field. It provides a natural setting for professional conversation and exchange of information.

Recently, Madison West held their Alumni Alliance with the September 2014 graduating class and alumni from the previous years. There, they were able to introduce themselves, interact and exchange information with each other and the new staff here. Also, the graduating class was able to meet people from different programs who will also be graduating with them. Food was catered and cap and gowns were handed out to the class.

“When pursuing a new career field or enhancing your current role, connecting with Globe alumni is an essential step to building a professional network. For students, an alumni network is a way to tap into career referrals, help you stay abreast of industry-specific skills, and for remaining engaged with the people who may benefit your career advancement most,” Ashley Tanner, director of career services at Globe University-Madison West, said. “The Globe Alumni Network is your key connection with successful graduates, and professionals in your industry. The alumni event and network support talent and innovation and is here to motivate and encourage you to succeed in your personal and professional life.”

Globe University offers a number of opportunities for alumni to stay connected with the college and share their knowledge with current students.

We encourage our graduates to:

  •   Be a guest speaker in the classroom
  •   Join a Program Advisory Committee
  •   Apply to be an adjunct faculty member
  •   Let us know if your company is hiring

We hope to see all of our alumni come back to our Alumni Alliance events and support one another in achieving our goals.