Student, Staff & Faculty Awarded at MCCA Conference

From Left: Lindsey Main, Jennifer Pullin. Top Right: Valana Hillard, Zachary Lifto. Bottom Right: Carol Jaeger, Miriam Williams.

From Left: Lindsey Main, Jennifer Pullin. Top Right: Valana Hillard, Zachary Lifto. Bottom Right: Carol Jaeger, Miriam Williams.

Last month, Globe University & Minnesota School of Business (GU & MSB) student, staff and faculty were awarded at the Minnesota Career College Association (MCCA) Professional Development Conference as Student of the Year, Staff of the Year and Faculty of the Year.

Student of the Year went to Lindsey Huspeni, who started her education in the veterinary technology program with GU/MSB in March 2015.

“Her passion and dedication to not only succeed in the program but also to help her fellow student is evident in being around her for just a few minutes,” said Jennifer Pullin, associate campus director and director of admissions at GU/MSB who nominated Lindsey.

According to Jennifer, Lindsey is viewed as a leader in her program, and because of this, she has assisted as a student worker for the vet tech department.

“Lindsey was instrumental in the success of the Lakeville campus AMVA visit this spring and continues to go above and beyond in her externship this quarter,” Jennifer said.

Carol Jaeger was named Faculty of the Year.

“Carol’s level of dedication to her students and the campus never ceases to amaze me,” said Miriam Williams, MSB-Richfield campus director, who nominated Carol. “She cares deeply for each student, is always concerned about those who need extra help or motivation, and is always helping students identify the resources they’ll need in order to be successful.”

Staff of the Year went to Valana Hillard.

“I have never witnessed someone in my education career that shows such a true dedication to a student’s well-being, and has such energy and passion on a day in and day out basis,” said Zachary Lifto, GU/MSB director of financial aid. “She is extremely approachable, the combination of her people skills combined with her experience in the field make her extremely successful in the financial aid department.”

About the MCCA Conference:

Stacy Severson, campus director of IPR (Institute of Production & Recording), co-chaired the MCCA Professional Development Conference.

“We wanted to focus on what is most important to career college educators- our students,” said Stacy. “The theme of engagement emerged, focusing on how to engage students, staff and faculty, and our communities.”

The conference included panelists that passionately shared ideas about everything from how to prepare for class to how to best engage students using technology, and how to connect with students in and out of the classroom, according to Stacy.

Our keynote speakers both reinforced messages of overcoming adversity and thinking about new ways to approach challenges.

Dina Simon, from Simon Says Give, talked about being unstoppable. Interestingly, in being unstoppable, sometimes, you do have to stop. She shared an acronym for STOP:

  • S (Simplify- spot the challenge)
  • T (Talents- what do you bring to the table? What are the gaps and who can help fill them)
  • O (Others- who are your subject matter experts and who can be resources for you?)
  • P (Plan- what are the next steps to help you move forward? Don’t just plan to plan- be sure there is accountability to act). “Life is meant to be messy and meaningful.”

“We grow the most when we are challenged, and we certainly have seen our share of challenges this year! We have been forced to rethink how we connect with our students and how we innovate when it comes to delivering an exceptional student experience,” she said.

Congratulations to Lindsay, Carol and Valana. And thank you, Stacy, for making this conference such a successful event!