1961 Grad Shares Her Story for a Successful Future

How do we measure success?  What does it mean to have a long, successful career?  Globe University in Minneapolis has a long history of helping students create successful careers, and I had a great conversation over a cup of coffee with one of our graduates from 1961.

When I first learned of Pat Poola I thought to myself, “Wow, Globe was around in 1961 in downtown Minneapolis?”  I was embarrassed that sometimes I get so caught up with today and the future that I forget about the ones who have come before me to pave the way for the opportunity to have success.

Pat and I met at a coffee shop.  When I first spoke with her over the phone to set up our meeting, she had a sweet laugh—I knew I was going to adore her.  I almost ended our conversation without communicating how we would recognize each other at the coffee shop—after all, we had never met and I thought, well, there must be an app on my iPad® to know when she arrives.

Globe UniversityA New Start

Pat came to the Twin Cities from a small town in Northern Minnesota back in the early 1960s.  She came with hopes for a bright future.  She packed her bags and headed to Minnesota School of Business (MSB) in downtown Minneapolis, which is now called Globe University. When she arrived she met a lot of other ladies and established lifelong friendships.

What is a keypunch machine?  Is that like an iPad?

Pat came specifically to learn how to operate a keypunch machine, which is a machine operated by a keyboard for coding information by punching holes in cards or paper tape in specified patterns. It was the latest and greatest technology used in that time, and MSB/Globe University was the best place for this training.  Just as Globe did in the past, we are doing it again today through the iPad initiative.  So you could say that the keypunch machine was similar to the iPad of today in the sense that it was the latest and greatest and Globe University was the place for the training.

After Her Degree

Once Pat earned her degree from Minnesota School of Business (Globe University) she had a very successful career in accounting as well as 22 years with Canadian Pacific Railway in Minneapolis.  She was equipped through her education in keypunching to sustain and soar through her life with success.  Pat lived out Globe University’s mission of “Successful Careers Start Here!”

Globe University
Pat’s Advice for Students

The times have changed.  Keypunch machines have been replaced with iPads, but the message remains the same.  I asked Pat to share some words of wisdom with current students.  She proudly said, “I have worked since I was 18.  There were times I wanted to give up, but I didn’t.  Students need to keep at it.  There is always light at the end of the tunnel.”

She also said, “Even if you hate a job, do your best because you might never know when you will need to go back—don’t burn bridges.”

Pat also attributes her success to her teachers at MSB/Globe who she says were very nice and patient with her.

After a long successful career, Pat is now retired.  She has five grandchildren and three great-grandchildren that she loves to spend time with.  She also loves to take walks with her daughter, read and do embroidery.

Meeting Pat was a true testament to the quality education that Globe University implements.  She inspired me.  She inspires us all.  From all of us at Globe, thank you, Pat, for sharing your story and your wisdom and we wish you many many years of successful retirement—which we hope includes a lot of walking, reading and lots of time with your family!