A Triple Win, But Pets Come Out on Top

Globe University-La Crosse vet tech program teams up with Crawford Area Shelter for Animals (CASA) to promote shelter pet health and adoption

vet tech schoolIt’s challenging for a shelter animal. Although they’re on the path to finding a forever home, they still need love and support along the way. CASA is a very small group of dedicated volunteers in Crawford County that provides foster homes for animals until they’re adopted. Faculty in the Globe vet tech school recognized an opportunity to assist CASA and reached out to help.

All Day Spay and Neuter Event

Vet tech faculty members organized an all-day spay and neuter event for CASA pets. Students and faculty worked side-by-side to neuter and spay the pets to make them more adoptable. “We teamed up with CASA because they’re a smaller shelter and we felt they could benefit from this experience,” explained Amy Stinson, chair of the Globe University vet tech program.

In addition to the surgeries, students performed examinations, dentals, vaccinations, and other procedures to improve the health of the pets all at no cost.

vet tech schools“As a private animal rescue in rural Crawford  County, most of our operating funds come from private donations which, of course, vary greatly over time,” explained Dhyana Franson, CASA volunteer. “Opportunities to bring our foster animals to Globe for tests, surgeries, vaccinations, etc., are truly a god send. We can trust that the animals who have not always known kindness in their lives are in gentle and competent hands and we appreciate coming to Globe.”

Students Enjoy Clinical Experience

CASA volunteers weren’t the only ones benefiting from the spay and neuter event. Globe vet tech students were able to gain experience in a simulated clinic setting assisting in real surgeries and procedures outside of a class setting. “My favorite part of the event was the “hands-on experience of being able to work with pets and getting experience that would be similar to the real world,” explained Katy Durkin, vet tech student.

Globe students work with animals on a regular basis in the classroom, but this event provided them an entire day of using knowledge from several of their classes to care for their pet patients. “I love working with animals knowing we’re helping them feel better,” shared Becca Smeleser, vet tech student. “This experience is similar to what I’ll be doing when I graduate.”

vet tech schoolIn the End, It’s All For the Pets

CASA benefited from the event, the Globe students benefited, but who else benefited? The pets. “We’re providing a service for animals in need and we’re benefiting, the organization [CASA] benefits, and the animals benefit too,” explained Dr. Christina Fossitt, vet tech faculty.

In total, six dogs and four cats received surgeries and treatments at no cost. It’s the students’ and faculty’s hope that the animals they cared for can find loving homes. “Not only to the students get extra learning opportunities and hands-on experience with the event, we’re giving back to the animals to make them more adoptable,” said Stinson.