A Vet Tech Student’s Perspective: Our Classroom Isn’t so Traditional

As a student in the veterinary technology program here at Globe University-Wausau, a good majority of our classes are hands on, because once we graduate and become certified, every day of our career is going to be hands on. Everything, from learning how to restrain the animals earlier in the program to assisting in the surgeries later on in the program, is all done here on campus. We have the opportunity to have cats, dogs, rabbits, rats, mice, and birds here. Our kennels and exam rooms are where we really wrap our brains around the knowledge our teachers give to us through lectures and assignments.

veterinary technology program, Globe UniversityThe downside is that these halls weren’t made for horses or cows to be strolling through anytime soon. This is where our instructors take our classroom to the real world. We have an Equine and Large Animal Production class that travels to nearby farms to deal with these large animals hands on.

Certified Veterinarian Technician Kevin Berry is a seasoned veteran when it comes to these large animals, along with many other things. Being the instructor of both of the large animal classes, he found a way to take the class farther. Kevin personally coordinated with local farmers so our classroom could become their stalls and pastures while handling their animals.

As a student, this is an amazing opportunity. Not all Globe University campuses get the chance to handle these animals. This makes us very lucky, because that gives us a leg up on surrounding competition in our career field.

“For the large animal classes I teach, the students have certain tasks they need to perform in order to graduate, and I do all that I can to make it possible for them to get these check offs and to prepare them for the Veterinary Technology National Examination,” Berry said. “I find that is it important to utilize as many opportunities as possible for the students to excel and be successful.”

veterinary technology program, Globe UniversityOur program is impressive to begin with, but seeing our instructors take things to new levels for our benefit is incredible.

It is not in their job description to take us anywhere to receive extra experience, yet they do it. A few different classes get the chance to leave campus for extra learning opportunities. But being around an animal that is over 1,000 pounds heavier than you is exciting! Being around these animals gives us more choices in the type of veterinary medicine we will decide to be a part of as a Certified Veterinarian Technician.

The more outlets we have been around as students, the better prepared for our certification test we will be. This is the most important puzzle piece to our Globe University education. Our instructors are committed to ensuring our success and this is why they strive to give us as many opportunities as possible.

This education changes all of our lives forever. Our instructors like Kevin Berry, who take that extra initiative to give us knowledge in a variety of ways, is what will make us all successful in becoming certified once we graduate. The path of our journey as students here at Globe is stressful, tests our strength, can cause anxiety, and may prove to be too difficult for some, but is so rewarding for the ones who walk the stage in their cap and gown a stronger, more intelligent, and skilled person than when they walked onto this campus the first time.

The ones we need to thank are the teachers who pushed us, believed in us, and at times overloaded us. They deserve to know how much we appreciate everything they do and how we will benefit in our futures as professionals from their efforts.  Thank you to our instructors from all of us wearing maroon scrubs.

By: Mariah Gotter, Globe University-Wausau Veterinary Technology student