Celebrating Our Student of the Quarter: Vet Tech Student Amber Wulf

Summer quarter of 2014 continued the new tradition at the Globe University-Wausau campus of recognizing a deserving student of the quarter.  This quarter, the faculty of Globe University-Wausau is pleased to name Amber Wulf of the veterinary technology program.

The Student of the Quarter award is meant to recognize more than a student’s GPA — in fact, GPA isn’t considered at all. The award is to recognize hard work, attendance, attitude, professionalism and exemplification of Globe’s “We Care” philosophy.

Photo of Amber Wulf, Student of the Quarter, with Veterinary Technology program chair Stephanie Daniels

Amber Wulf, Student of the Quarter, with program chair Stephanie Daniels

These qualities describe Amber perfectly, as her program chair Stephanie Daniels noted when she nominated her:

“Amber exemplifies the qualities of a hardworking student, classmate and vet tech. She always puts forth a positive and professional attitude, is a leader among the student group and respects those around her. Although it has been a bumpy road, you would never know because her determination and perseverance shines. Her optimism is contagious, and it is a privilege to be her instructor.”

Amber has made a similar impression on other instructors. Sarah Powers said, “I had Amber in my Parasitology class last quarter, and she was always a pleasure to have in class. She was very involved in the class lectures, asking questions and working hard to do well in the class.”

Shannon Rutta agreed, saying, “I had Amber as a student in my very first class I ever taught. She was a very good student who worked hard, was engaged in class and asked good questions. She always stayed so positive. It was a pleasure to have her in class!”

Dr. Erica Esser, resident veterinarian, observed, “Amber always goes the extra mile and is very enthusiastic.”

Amber was pleased to receive this honor, but shares the credit with her classmates. She said, “I feel like this a reflection of a group thing. I couldn’t have done it without my classmates. We all work together and support each other. I like to think this honor reflects all of us. We really bond together. Since there is a boy in our group, we aren’t sisters, but we are like a family.”

As the Student of the Quarter, Amber will receive a designated parking spot for the entire winter quarter, with a special sign complete with her name and photo.