DECA Elects New President Alysha Campbell, Healthcare Management Student

DECA President Alysha Campbell volunteering at The Banquet in Sioux Falls.

Globe University-Sioux Falls students are very active in DECA, an organization that encourages networking and volunteering in communities.

This year, the Sioux Falls campus division elected Alysha Campbell, a recent graduate of the medical assistant program and third quarter healthcare management student, as their new president.

Alysha has already organized several volunteer opportunities for her fellow classmates, including a trip to The Banquet on December 3. DECA advisor and business program chair, Angela Livingston, is very impressed with Alysha’s efforts and will continue to encourage her enthusiasm and hard work.

Tell us about yourself and your interest in the healthcare management program.

I am currently working on my second degree with Globe University. I graduated with my fist degree in medical assisting in March 2014, and now I am working on my healthcare management degree.  I have worked in the medical field all my life, from home healthcare and hospice care to certified nursing assistant.  

How long have you been a member of DECA? What made you want to join?

I have been a member of DECA for two quarters. I have always enjoyed being involved in activities that the school makes available to students. Volunteering in the community is very important to me, which helped motivate me to join DECA.

What are some initiatives you hope to make now that you are president?

I really want to get the DECA group out of the school and into the community because I believe that is the best way for students to learn about the community before they graduate. Volunteering gives students the opportunity to meet people who later can assist them with their job searches. Business students hoping to start their own businesses can build an early clientele by networking with members of the community.

Any advice for students considering volunteering in Sioux Falls or joining DECA?

I encourage everyone to join DECA or another group on campus. Joining a volunteer group on campus allows students to get out into the community, as well as build friendships with other students. I also encourage everyone who is attending school to volunteer, even if it is just to gain some experience that you would not be able to learn from a class.