Dedication Leads to Star Student

Justin Schaar, a Globe University architectural drafting and design student inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright, was selected as the Star Student of the Month due to his dedication, excellent work ethic and passion for his program.

Justin chose the architectural drafting and design program because it incorporated multiple skills and interests he has in drawing, designing, building and thinking. He is able to utilize his artistic eye in his drawings, for which he has won awards and numerous ribbons. Justin even thought about a career in tattooing due to artistic side!

“I realized my favorite thing to draw were plans and blueprints of my ideas,” Justin said. “I enjoy designing and building just about anything I can think of. I wanted to find something that would tie my skills and interests together, and that is when I started down the path of architectural drafting and design. It all seemed to come together.”

Justin’s advice to other students is the expression: “Nothing worth having comes easy.”

“We all face difficult challenges and detours along the way, but it’s the hope of being able to look back and know that you wouldn’t want to do it differently,” Justin said.

John Hartmann, chair of the architectural drafting and design program, called Justin “a very determined and talented student.”

“I love teaching students like Justin who have the passion and talent to become successful within this career field,” John said.

Congrats Justin on being the Star Student of the Month!