First Generation College Student Wins Big

Written by Dana Wallace, campus librarian

This quarter our Library Research Award goes to Globe IT degree student Matthew Grenier. If we were handing out labels on campus, our own Matt would be called the Intellectual.

In his own quiet, unassuming manner and with his dry sense of humor, Matt is a wonderful addition to our campus. Discussing books and his opinions on politics and life always makes for fascinating library fodder. We all so enjoy having Matt on campus.

Library Research Award Winner Matt Grenier

For Spring Quarter, Matt wrote the winning Library Research Award paper, which was actually a literary analysis for Angie Mellor’s class, Introduction to Literature.

He picked a poem to analyze that was familiar to him and spoke to him on a personal level: “Despair,” written by H.P. Lovecraft.

This brings us to his advice to his fellow students on how to write an A paper. “Always pick a subject you are interested in above all else,” he said, “because it will make your paper a whole lot easier to write and will affect the overall quality.”

Matt also wanted to share that students should always go to Dana, our campus librarian, for proofreading because “she knows her stuff! Having people proofread helps tremendously—it isn’t something I traditionally did, but I do now always,” he said. “A second set of eyes can really catch those typos and citation misses.”

Another tip Matt recommends is to pick a topic you have a background in, which also makes it easier to research to the topic.

“This way you know where to start and you have more details in the back of your head, and it makes it easier to find quality information.”

Matt enjoys Kurt Vonnegut’s work

Matt is thankful that his family encouraged him in his educational endeavors. “My family is incredibly supportive and nothing short of proud of me for finding something I am passionate about and for pursuing an IT career at Globe,” Matt noted.

“And I am the first person in the family to go to college, so education, because it’s something my parents missed out on, is something they pushed for me. I am definitely thankful now that they did.”

Matt also credits his girlfriend, Kelly, for her support. “Kelly is the love of my life, and she keeps me motivated to continue doing well at work and in school,” he said.

When he’s not writing award-winning papers, Matt is an excellent representative of Globe’s IT program with his work as a software developer at Logistics Health.

Matt has been a student in our IT program for about three years now. “Having zero background in software development before starting at Globe, and then being exposed to development in my classes, really helped me develop my passion for this type of work, and led me to my job at Logistics,” Matt stated.

When asked about his career goals, Matt was adamant in saying that he definitely “wants to continue to work in software development because it is great to turn what is a hobby into a career.”

Another of Matt’s hobbies is being a voracious reader. Currently, he is reading Dead Eye Dick by Kurt Vonnegut with a little Robert Frost on the side.

His motto in life is: “The worst sin you can commit is to take yourself too seriously!” Great advice from this quarter’s winner of the Library Research Award!

This post was written by Dana Wallace, La Crosse Campus Librarian. Dana is the campus librarian for Globe La Crosse and a native Iowan who returned to school to pursue her Master’s Degree in Library and Information Science after a long career as a paralegal/legal assistant. She obtained her graduate degree from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee completely online while working full time, so she can relate to the busy schedules of the Globe students who balance homework and careers. She loves the library and is passionate about helping the students become great investigators and researchers. Dana was currently honored with taking over the reigns as the Creative Quill campus lead.