For Globe Student, Learning In Class Helps Win Awards in Washington, D.C.

Written by student Nathan Brandenburger


Nathan Brandenburger

I have been a student at Globe University-Moorhead since October 2011 and have loved every minute of it. I joined DECA as part of the Business Club. At first I was unsure about joining the organization, but I am glad I joined.

My first time at DECA was truly amazing. Competing in Hotel & Lodging and Travel & Tourism was a perfect fit because I have been working in the hospitality field for 8 years.

One the biggest experiences I gained throughout the entire process was to have confidence and believe in myself, as cheesy as that might sound. DECA all started for when our group went down to Mankato, Minnesota, for the state level competition. It was here that I placed 2nd in Hotel & Lodging and 3rd in Travel and Tourism.

While at Mankato, I attended several seminars in addition to preparing for my competitions. The seminars were helpful, because it allowed me to talk to people who were knowledgeable in the field of hospitality.


Nathan Brandenburger in Washington, D.C., for the first time

To me, DECA was very important, because it allowed me to put my work and school knowledge to the test. Many students find themselves saying, “I’ll never need to know this, or I never have to use this”. Well, I found myself personally using plenty of information in the case where I have also said those exact statements.

When the state competition concluded, the group started preparing for Nationals in D.C. I was very excited about this because I had never been to D.C. before, and it was a great reason to go. It was here that I was awarded for being a top test scorer and a top 10 finalist for Hotel & Lodging. In the long run, DECA is going to help me with boosting my confidence and being able to work under pressure. Since joining DECA, I have made plenty of new friends and many other important connections through my networking.

DECA really gave me a perspective that everything I have been doing to up to this point in my career and schooling means something. I, without a doubt, would not have done as well as I did if it was not for Globe University-Moorhead and Ludlow’s Resort, where I work.

Also at the end of the day, DECA is going to be a wonderful organization to put on my resume. My only regret about DECA is simply not joining sooner. DECA 2014 has been awesome, and I cannot wait for 2015!