Globe University-Wausau Celebrates the Student of the Quarter!

Spring quarter of 2014 marked the inaugural Student of the Quarter award at the Globe University–Wausau campus. The deserving student? Sandra Steffers of the massage therapy program.

Student of the Quarter Sandra Steffers with campus librarian, Nora Craven

Student of the Quarter Sandra Steffers with the campus librarian, Nora Craven

The Student of the Quarter award is meant to recognize more than a student’s GPA—in fact, GPA isn’t considered at all. The award is to recognize hard work, attendance, attitude, professionalism and exemplification of Globe’s “We Care” mission. These are all qualities that Sandra demonstrates on a regular basis.

“Sandra is willing to donate her time and efforts to causes such as the Polar Plunge and the Take-n-Run. She also agreed to join a team for National Library Week and do most of the tasks. She is involved in activities on and off campus. Sandra is willing to work hard and help others,” said Nora Craven when she nominated Sandra for the honor.

As the Student of the Quarter, Sandra won a prize of Globe gear from the campus store and enjoyed lunch with the Dean of Education Dr. Debra Tetting and Nora Craven. Initially, there was some concern that lunch with the dean may not necessarily be considered a good thing, but Sandra put that concern to rest!

“I enjoyed going to lunch with you,” Sandra assured us. “I had a great time.”

Dr. Tetting agreed. “I enjoyed getting to know Sandra on a more personal level. I’m glad we had lunch together as a reward for this honor.”

Sandra said, “This was unexpected, but I am so happy. This was so exciting. I am so honored to be the first Student of the Quarter!”

Sandra set a very high standard for the Student of the Quarter. However, there are so many hardworking and dedicated students on campus that it will be a difficult choice for the Summer Student of the Quarter.