Globe University – Wausau Student Finds Fun Way to Reduce the Cost of College

College is expensive. This is a fact of life.  The costs can be daunting, as is the prospect of large student loan payments.


Rebecca Harrell, veterinary technology student and winner of $3000 in scholarships! Congratulations, Rebecca!

Fortunately, there are ways to reduce this cost and the amount of loans to be repaid, as Rebecca Harrell, veterinary technology student at Globe University–Wausau, found when she investigated scholarship opportunities.

“I was looking for scholarships to fill out,” Rebecca said. “I found a news article that had a list of legitimate websites that had easy, no-essay applications. My favorite in this list was”

It was from this site that Rebecca won two scholarships, totaling about $3,000.00.  Rebecca said, “This site was user-friendly to navigate, and applying was easy. They said that they were looking for creative essays or essays that just made them laugh, and these essays had to be 250 words or less. There were a lot of different topics to write about, too, and the topics were fun to think about! One asked, ‘What three things would you bring to a zombie apocalypse and why?’ Another asked for a top 10 things about yourself list.”

Rebecca encourages everyone to check out this site. She said, “When you first go to, click on the Our Scholarships link towards the top of the page, and that will get you to their full list. If you are in doubt, apply, because you never know.”  She continued, “One thing I learned in this process is that when it comes to scholarships, a lot of them can be very easy to win simply because no one else applies for them. Thousands of dollars every year go to waste simply because no one applies for them.”

Chris Carlson, financial aid manager at Globe University-Wausau, agreed. He said, “More scholarship money goes unused every year than gets used in this country.” He said that is particularly unfortunate at Globe University, because Globe will match up to $1000 per year in external scholarship funds for every Globe student who qualifies, every year that student attends Globe.

Globe students can find scholarship opportunities through Globe. For example, every quarter the Globe University–Wausau campus offers two $2,000 community service scholarships to eligible students. These applications are due in week eight of each quarter, so students should apply now! There are many other scholarship opportunities with Globe University, and all students who are interested in reducing the cost of their education should take a look.

Chris encourages students to not stop there.  They should look for scholarship opportunities in their community as well. He suggests first establishing a separate e-mail account for this purpose, and then looking to:

  •   Employers of the student or their family
  •   Local businesses
  •   Fraternal organizations like the VFW or American Legion
  •   The “animal clubs” like the Elks, Lions, Eagles, Moose, etc.
  •   Local foundations or charitable organizations
  •   Churches or other religious groups

Chris and Rebecca both encourage all Globe University-Wausau students to see what opportunities are out there, and to take advantage of any and all they qualify for. The money is there, waiting to be awarded. If you apply, some of it could be yours… If you don’t, it is certain that none of it will be. So why not give yourself have a chance?