High Schooler Gets Successful Jumpstart to a Meaningful Career

“From the moment I stepped through the doors, I knew that Globe University-Sioux Falls was the college for me.” -Kelsey Haarsma, massage therapy student

We all have our list of “firsts” in our roles here at Globe University. Kelsey Haarsma, Globe University-Sioux Falls massage therapy program student, provided me with a couple Massage Therapy programfirsts of my own.

Kelsey and her sister were my first “double” admissions interview (working with two students at once).  They were also the first twins I worked with. I am sure that I confused them more than my memory allows me to admit, but they took it in stride (and I think I made their dad laugh a few times).  Right away, Kelsey knew that massage therapy was the right career for her.

Now, it would be fair to set up the situation.  Kelsey lives about 55 miles away from the campus.  She made sure she was enrolled before the first President’s scholarship deadline and she took the Director’s Scholarship test.  But, being 55 miles away during a South Dakota winter deterred her from partaking in the High School Advantage Program, which allows high school juniors and seniors to take up to three or four college courses tuition-free, respectively. The agreement was made that Kelsey would just take advantage of that program during the Early Fall quarter.

Fast-forward to March of that year.  Kelsey informs me that she and her dad have decided it would be beneficial to take advantage of the High School Advantage Program starting in April. She was going to arrange to drive here for her class each week while still being in high school. I was excited and worried.  We all know that the winters here end sometime between April and August.  She reassured me things would be fine.

She started up her class and every week I saw her here.  Some weeks I noticed that her dad brought her and hung around the area until she was done with class, most times checking in with me and keeping me posted on Kelsey’s high school progress.  Even having to drive at least one hour each way, Kelsey ended the quarter with perfect attendance and highest honors!

massage therapy programAs one of our High School Advantage program participants, I asked Kelsey to give me some insight into how her experience was as she first started her journey.

“From the moment I stepped through the doors, I knew that Globe University-Sioux Falls was the college for me,” she said. “The staff was extremely friendly and helpful with any questions I had, and just being out of high school I had a lot of questions!  Globe offered exactly what I was looking for.  I have no doubt that Globe University-Sioux Falls is a great college and provides a fun atmosphere for its students.”

Although no reference was made to the amazing admissions person she worked with, it warmed my heart to hear those words.  We forget how powerful our roles can be sometimes.  We have the power to make a difference and change lives.

As we enter a period where college degrees are increasingly required to enter the workforce, it is important to remember that Globe University offers high school graduates some amazing opportunities for scholarships.  We should celebrate the culture and atmosphere of our campuses and remember:  first impressions always count, you’ll always have students that surprise you, and at the end of the day, a student’s dedication towards success will overcome all obstacles.

Congratulations Kelsey on your amazing first year of your education!

~ By Contributing Author Charlie Buehler, Director of Admissions