Jason Garza Knows How to Pursue His Dreams

Every quarter in Composition class, the students pair up, interview and write a paper about their partner. Instructor Beth Cummings gave me a copy of Desirea McClure’s paper she wrote about Jason Garza, a student in the massage therapy school at Globe University-Sioux Falls. Desirea describes Jason accurately as a “very tall, tan and funny, people person.” Jason served in the military for seven years. He has been married for three years, and he and his loving wife are foster care parents. He is a huge basketball lover, and apparently he cannot get enough of Globe University-Sioux Falls because he is here for his second time working on his second degree.

Here’s a little more about Jason:

Massage therapy programWhy did you choose Globe University-Sioux Falls?

I chose Globe University-Sioux Falls because of its location and the variety of classed offered in my first degree in business management. I wanted to stay in a program that could keep me close to basketball, make money, and not move my family around. If anyone is ever looking for me, I can be found playing basketball at my local gym, in my driveway, or in the winter for the city league.

What do you like most about Globe University?

The staff. They are very student oriented and they are all committed to helping the students succeed any way that they can with their one-on-one time and effort, and their willingness to work with students. My least favorite thing about Globe-Sioux Falls is that there are no classes for exercise science on campus.

What inspires you?

Life inspires me. I get inspiration from my wife, my friends, and my competition in basketball. They all inspire me in different ways.

What are your goals?

I have a very ambitious, yet achievable dream of making a lot of money as a massage therapist, and one day working for an NBA team as their private massage therapist.

Of what accomplishment are you most proud?

My wife! She is amazing. She knows when to push me to be better and she knows when to back off. Meeting her and being able to say I am married to her is the greatest achievement.

What do your family and friends think about your pursuit of a massage therapy degree?

My parents and brother are all indifferent about it. They have always let me do my own thing (within reason) and figure it all out on my own.

Tell our readers something unique about yourself that only your close family and friends would know.

Last year I tried out for the Skyforce, [a professional basketball team that plays in the NBA Development League]. Although I did not make it, being able to say I went and tried out was one of the things I have always wanted to do!

We wish Jason continued success here at Globe and beyond!