MBA Students Come up with Creative Solutions to Benefit Farmers Half a World Away

Peace House Africa is a Minnesota-based nonprofit benefiting from our Online students’ applied learning projects. Visit them on the web at:

Globe University-Online students recently developed some pretty creative solutions to increase the likelihood of farming success in a Tanzania, Africa farming community. Through a local organization known as Peace House Africa, students worked in small groups to create effective business solutions for the nonprofit to implement in their Tanzanian locations.

Groups of graduate level Globe University-Online students worked throughout their Politics of Leadership in a Global Economy course to develop a business plan that would specifically benefit members of the Arusha farming community in Tanzania.

Ashley Winters, a student in the Master of Business Administration program, and her classmate, Martha Pederson, identified that a seed and tool exchange could be beneficial for local farmers and the community.

Master of Business Administration

Globe University students worked in groups to develop business plans for an organization helping farmers in Tanzania.

Most farmers in the Arusha area of Tanzania are considered to be small scale farmers, meaning that they are farming approximately two acres of land, with 70 percent of the farming being done using manual tools.  A tool exchange would provide an opportunity for farmers to possess two or more tools that would help increase the productivity of their farms. Most farmers in the Arusha area rely on these crops to help feed their families, making the need for a solution like this an essential element to their success.

Implementing a seed exchange also creates an opportunity for farmers to expand the quantity of crops farmed on their land.  This diversity allows farmers to protect themselves against the possibility of failure in one type of crop.

A seed exchange also develops strong seed lines and hybrid versions.  The biggest long-term effect from implementing the tool and seed exchange would be the knowledge transfer among local farmers, which could positively impact the entire local economy.

The project allowed Globe University graduate students to apply their creative thinking and business skills, help those at Peace House Africa, and gain real world experience through this unique applied learning experience.