Meet Our Fall 2014 Student of the Quarter: Sara Rosenberg

Fall quarter of 2014 continued the tradition at the Globe University-Wausau campus of recognizing a deserving student of the quarter. This quarter, the faculty of Globe University-Wausau is pleased to name Sara Rosenberg of the massage therapy program for this honor.

Sara Rosenberg, Fall 2014 Student of the Quarter

These qualities describe Sara perfectly, as Melissa Baker, massage therapy instructor, explained:

“Sara’s a pleasure to have in class. She’s motivated, works hard, stays positive, and definitely has a knack for massage. I can’t wait to see all the incredible places this new career will take her.”

Noted campus librarian Nora Craven: “Students aren’t always excited about library instructions. But Sara was involved during the library instruction in her class. She asked thoughtful questions and set a good example for the rest of the students. She often spends time in the library, and it is a pleasure to have her there. She always has a smile for everyone.”

Sara was pleased to receive this honor, and is glad she chose to attend Globe University-Wausau.

“I’m very happy I chose to take my classes here at Globe University; it’s quite the charming school,” she said. “I’m finding that I really appreciate the experience here, and the support from fellow students and faculty helps me strive to do my best every day. I really appreciate everyone putting forth their best effort and helping each other shine.”

Sara is always ready to motivate other students. She shared some quotes that have inspired her in the hope that others will find inspiration as well.

“First, always believe that something wonderful is about to happen! Another is that we cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust our sails.”

She added, “Also, your attitude is your driver in taking you where you want to go. I truly believe that a positive attitude is essential for success.”

As the Student of the Quarter, Sara will receive a designated parking spot for the entire winter quarter, complete with her name and photo on the sign.