Student Spotlight: A Tale of Two Katies

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Actually, it was finals time. With all the pressures and headaches that finals bring to students, there was one very important decision that two Katies had to make: should they stay at Globe University-Wausau and get their bachelor’s degrees? After careful thought and consideration, they both chose to stay. Here’s why.

Katie Heisler (business student) and Katie Syring (criminal justice student) discuss obtain bachelor's degrees

Katie Heisler and Katie Syring discuss their decision

Katie Syring, a student in the criminal justice program, decided to come back for her bachelor’s degree to prove to her family and to herself that she is a different person than who she was when she first attended Globe. Her daughter Cara is what impacted her decision to continue on with her degree. She wanted Cara to see that dreams can come true. “The best dreams that are achieved are the ones you have to fight for,” Katie Syring said.

It wasn’t an easy decision for Katie Syring; it took a lot of time and a few “pros and cons” lists to determine her choice. The only cons that Katie discovered were the same obstacles other college students face: cost, time management, and the question of whether she should spend more time away from her daughter. In the end, the pros list won. Ultimately, she can look forward to a set schedule in a career that she enjoys, which will lead to more time with her daughter.

Katie Heisler, a student in the business administration program, has been attending Globe for about two years and never gave much thought to coming back to Globe for her bachelor’s degree. As time went on, she started to realize she didn’t want to leave yet. With her graduation date approaching, she talked to her friends and family to get their views on the situation. After hearing all of their thoughts, she decided that she needed to continue on. “If I stop at an associate degree, I’ll feel like I failed, because I have everything I need to reach for my bachelor’s degree,” Katie Heisler said.


It will be hard for Katie Heisler. She has a son, she works a full-time job, and she is a full-time student. Juggling all the things in life makes it difficult, but she is determined to succeed. “I’m not good with failure, I have this thing for perfection,” Katie Heisler admits. She always reaches for the unattainable. If someone says she can’t do something, she will do it.

Each Katie had her own barriers to overcome, but each made her choice to come back. It wasn’t just for their own personal accomplishment; they also love the school environment. The classes are engaging and informative. The students are more like family to each other than acquaintances, and the faculty are like parents who constantly watch out for the students and encourage their success, and who never gave up on their students.

The Katies both believe that it is the instructors that make Globe so special. Katie Heisler observed, “Without some of them, we wouldn’t have made it this far.” They insist that if certain teachers were to ever quit or leave, there would be a Katie riot! Overall, the Katies agree, Globe University is the place to be.

By Student Ambassadors Katie Syring and Katie Heisler