Student Spotlight: Caroline Jorgensen, Massage Therapy

Globe University-Sioux Falls has many enthusiastic and energetic students who are always excited to learn and grow in their academics. One such student in our massage therapy program is Caroline Jorgensen. Caroline started with Globe University in January of this year and has been a shining light on campus and in her classes ever since.

Caroline says the best part about returning to school is meeting all the amazing people on our campus, both instructors and students alike. Caroline heard about the opportunities available in our massage therapy program and was excited to return to school and learn a new skillset. She said exercising her brain again in her classes has been a very rewarding experience.

Caroline enjoys the massage therapy program because she enjoys working with people and the hands-on approach to her classes. She’s excited to learn new massage techniques in her upcoming classes as well. She has worked retail for many years, but feels going in to massage therapy now means she will be doing something worthwhile and fulfilling later down the line.

When asked to give advice to new incoming students, Caroline’s response was simple. She wants students to enjoy their academic experience at Globe because life is short. She wants students to seize new opportunities and experience everything our campus has to offer.

Composition instructor Beth Cummings said, “Caroline is a lot of fun to have in class and is always enthusiastic. She went into the massage therapy program to help people feel better, and is every excited to move on in her career. Even though she may not agree, Caroline has tremendous leadership skills and is great at including everyone around her in conversations and class discussions.”

Our staff and faculty are eager to see where Caroline goes from here in her program and career. We feel very lucky to have such a bright and happy student on our campus every day!