Student Spotlight: Chelcie Arnold, Medical Assistant Program

We have some amazing students at Globe University-Appleton, and we wanted to introduce you to one of them. Chelcie Arnold began the Associate of Applied Science in Medical Assistant program in July of 2013 as a full-time student. She has also been the president of the medical assistant student club.

What is your biggest challenge as a student?

Chelcie taking the blood pressure of a fellow medical assistant student

I think the biggest challenge is managing family time along with study time. Also planning a wedding has proved to be a challenge, but luckily my friends and family understand that school work needs to be done before all the other stuff.

What is your biggest motivation as a student?

I love being able to call my mom and tell her my grades. I used to dread telling her what I was getting. Now, when I receive a certain GPA, I get a mini shopping spree at one of my favorite stores.

What advice would you give to a fellow/new student?

My best advice to a new student would be: “Don’t let who you were as a student define who you are now as a student.” I used to be a C/D student, but now I’m pushing myself for As.

How has your experience been at Globe University-Appleton? 

I’m honestly so glad I picked Globe. The small class sizes help a ton. I often won’t ask questions in large settings, so the fact that most of my classes have less than 10 people helps me out a lot. Also, I feel like with small class sizes and so much one-on-one time, it’s hard to act like you understand the material when you don’t.

Did you have any prior college education before coming to Globe? If so, what?

I went to University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley off and on for two years before dropping out completely and working full time.

At Globe, who has influenced you the most?

Michelle Vanden Heuvel, medical assistant program chair, has helped me a ton! Whenever I’m having trouble getting a technique down, she takes the time and shows me different approaches to get the skills down.

Why did you select Globe University?

I selected Globe because of the small class sizes, and when I toured the campus, the faculty and students were playing kickball in the parking lot. I thought it seemed like a fun environment.

Written by Gina Havlovick, director of admissions