Student Spotlight: New Mom, New Career

As a new mother to a five month-old daughter, Angie Wells may not get a lot of sleep, but she somehow manages to keep working towards her goal of completing her bachelor’s degree in business administration. Angie is set to graduate in spring of 2014 with her bachelor’s degree, but has recently landed a new full-time position even before she graduates. Keep reading to learn more about how a working new mom is able to work and take classes full-time.

Time for a career change

Prior to coming to Globe University-Appleton, Angie held a 10 year career as a preschool teacher. Angie commented, “I knew I didn’t want to work in a preschool forever but wasn’t sure what I wanted to do.” Making a career shift, she began as Globe University-Appleton’s administrative assistant when the campus first opened in October of 2010. After beginning her new career in higher education, Angie decided right away that she wanted to further her own education by obtaining her associate’s degree in business administration. Angie crossed that goal off her list in March of 2013.

Business administration program student, Angie Wells.

Small class sizes

“I wanted to continue my education, and in my previous job that was not possible. I like the small classes and time that I get to spend talking with the teachers here for help. They have really helped me to excel in my classes. Questions I have never go unanswered. All of the program chairs and teachers spend time assisting their students to make sure that they succeed,” Angie commented.

Balancing work and classes

Working full-time and taking classes full-time is no easy feat. Angie remembers being nervous in the beginning. “I was super scared at first to go back to school again after so long, but after two weeks of navigating online courses, which I love, and also spending time in the classroom here on campus, I was ready to do it and never looked back. I was never scared again to go to class because of the empowerment that I got from the instructors here to do well.”

Advice for future students

Are you considering a career in the business administration field? Angie shares, “With a degree in business administration your opportunities are endless. You have so many career choices and are able to do anything that you really put your mind to.”