Student Spotlight on Mahad Jama: A Dream Becomes Reality

Remember when you were little and people always asked you what you wanted to be when you grew up? What was your answer? A teacher? A firefighter? A superhero? For medical assistant student Mahad Jama, he knew at a young age he wanted to work in healthcare.

photo of MA student Mahad Jama taking a blood pressure reading in a clinic setting

Mahad Jama applies what he’s learned in the MA program at his externship with Aspirus Family Physicians

“My pediatrician was a great role model for me when I was young, and even to this day I still look up to him,” Mahad says. “Every time I went to see him, I would get really excited, even though I knew I probably would have to get shots,” he says.  “My doctor was so kind and gentle, I knew I had nothing to worry about—that, and I usually got candy, stickers and toys!”

Mahad was born in a country on the horn of Africa called Somalia. He had a great love for science growing up and excelled in his science classes throughout grade school. He also knew early on that he wanted to work in a field that helped others. “I knew I wanted to work in a hospital or clinic because I admired, and still admire, the great things that healthcare workers do,” he says.

Mahad is currently putting his skills into practice at his externship with Aspirus Family Physicians. On average, Mahad will see anywhere from 10-15 patients a day. “I love interacting with the patients, coworkers and the doctors,” he says. “I’m gaining so much knowledge from the stories they have to share with me.”

photo of MA student in front of a supply cabinet holding a packaged scissors

Mahad shows us some of the supplies he uses at his externship

“As a medical assistant, I know I will play a big part in helping people,” Mahad says. “The biggest satisfaction for me is helping patients treat their health problems and recover from illnesses,” he says.  “Every day when I leave my externship site, I get really excited because I know I’m that much closer to making my lifelong dream of working in healthcare come true.”

When he’s not at his externship, Mahad enjoys playing basketball and keeping up with what’s going on in the sports world.  He also likes to watch suspense movies and spend time with family and friends.

The future couldn’t look better for Mahad. “Ten years from now, I hope to still be in the healthcare field and helping people,” he says. “I hope to continue to work in this profession, and I look forward to learning new things every day.”

Being a student at Globe University-Wausau has helped Mahad achieve his dream. He encourages others to pursue their dreams as well. “Be persistent in your pursuit for knowledge,” he says. “Don’t let anyone ever tell you that you can’t do it, because you can do anything as long as you set your mind to it.”